Web Design Trends

Brushing Up Your Website With the Latest Design Trends: Dotwebz, as a Helping Hand

How many have you uttered “ This is crap and not a professional site, that we are looking for!!”? How many times have you been forced to check over a website, that is well-designed, updated with the latest trends? Well, the answer to the former query is going to overtake the latter one; all these emphasizes that the online visitors are always in search of that “WOW” factor, Read more

Web Design and SEO

How Web Design Impact SEO and Brand Promotions in 2015

How Your Site’s Web Design Affects Your Entire Online Presence in 2015

When it comes to web design, many businesses are under the impression that it should an isolated part of their online marketing efforts. According to many experts in the web development industry, this is a myth that businesses believe, and it could be setting their business activities back in more ways than one. Read more