Advantages of PHP

Advantages of PHP Web Development over .NET and Java

A neatly designed and easy to use website is a necessity for all kind of businesses in this age. The prevailing competition in the industry can be won only if we are having an edge over our competitors, at least, in terms of the technology that we are using. Giving a thought on PHP web development over .NET and Java will surely give you that advantage in terms of web development. There are many untold benefits in using PHP. PHP or “Hypertext Preprocessor” is the latest scripting language which incorporates a wide range of scripting languages, flash, and dynamic HTML.

PHP wed developers are very high in demand today. It is better to know about the advantages of PHP for availing all the benefits from it. The technology of PHP was developed along with other free web developing platform like Linux and MySQL as one of the most helpful tools in web development. The primary benefit in using PHP is that you can set up a basic website, a chunky site with a large backup, a forum, or an administrative site with ease and without paying anything for it. Of course you will have to pay for the developers but not for the PHP platform.

Web development is mainly done through .NET, Java, and PHP. Among the three, PHP is gaining more market over the former two due to many reasons. .NET is a platform which is provided to us by the Microsoft. If is adaptable for all kind of submission needs, but the advantage of PHP over .NET is concerning its pricing. PHP can be availed for free while .NET is a merchandise of Microsoft. Moreover .NET is favorable mostly in windows environment only. The process of Windows functioning will also add to the overall costs of development on matters like software and licenses.

Java is a very powerful and efficient language for web development. But the issue is that a good website can be developed with Java only if the developer is an expert in his field. The programming style is more perplexing and need deep experience for gaining better results. The programming style in PHP is server aligned but Java is not. The PHP application is a low cost and dependable substitute for .NET and Java. With this technology we are able to add dynamic functions to our websites. Care should be taken to find a good and reputed PHP programmer.