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Dynamic Website Design with the help of PHP

PHP is used for the customized website development for many business/ organizations. Nowadays, the utilization of PHP in website development is in huge demand and it keeps on increasing. It can also serve as a cost-effective medium for the development of new websites. Advantages of PHP  Simple and easy to learn– PHP scripting is one […]

How to Improve the Usability Factor of Your Website

Six Tips to Boost Website Usability and Thereby Gaining Success to Your Business Web usability plays an important role when it comes to attracting quality user traffic to your website and for conversions. It is the ease of use of your website, and some broad goals of usability include presentation of information and choices in […]

Role of Responsive Website Design in 2015 and Beyond

Why Everyone Keeps Talking About Responsive Website Design These days, web surfing has expanded to smartphones and tablets and according to various surveys global internet usage on mobile has exceeded the traffic generated from desktop platforms. Due to this fact, new websites have designed as a mobile-friendly, multiple-device compatible to accommodate this new digital landscape. […]