Web Development Company

Core Services That Can Move a Web Development Company Ahead of Competition

The more advantageous and complex the offer, the more clients for the company: web development businesses know it and compete closely to win clients.

The choice of a web development company is a critical business step because marketers resent the vulnerability that results from depending on web services. Companies that are capable of handling projects throughout their entirety get obvious advantages in the market.

Core services for web development

A company that is capable of providing services for every stage of the project – planning, design, development and marketing – has higher credibility than companies that provide one service chunk alone. Here are the services that knowledgeable marketers expect to find for a comprehensive web development project worthy of their money.

  1. Comprehensive web design supported by marketing and development services that meet the industry standards.
  2. The development of mobile ecommerce applications.
  3. Superior code capabilities.
  4. Search engine optimization expertise.
  5. Copywriting services for the main website page and for social media.

Ongoing collaboration

A completed web development project could continue with website optimization and tracking web performance services. The realities on the World Wide Web change so rapidly that marketers depend on web developers to maintain optimal performance of their pages. In this context, the aspects of utmost concern are:

–          Results measurement for each campaign (by sales, memberships, downloads etc) and ROI verification;

–          Top page Google Ranking for multiple keywords;

–          Link building and traffic relevance.

Web developers are expected to constantly keep clients informed on website performance and results.

Clients filter out web development companies without directly contacting them!

Prior to asking for offers and discussing web development specifics, savvy marketers shop around. A web company may be easily discarded from the list of possible hire options because of a number of reasons.

  1. First impression matters! The company’s web design, logo or home page message creates a negative visitor reaction. Such decision making is purely subjective, and a careful look through the company’s portfolio could be more convincing.
  1. High pricing! They charge too much. Small business owners often lack the financial means to invest heavy money in web development.
  1. Specialized niche! A non-profit organization is unlikely to choose a web development company specialized in mobile apps.
  1. Poor social media presence! Business presence in social media is an important selection criterion for some customers. A company may lose prospects because of failing to provide regular updates or tweets.

The response to client’s enquiry!

A business owner trying to find the best web development solution for his company will most likely send information requests to various web development companies. At this point of the prospective process, the marketer can still learn lots of valuable things about the web developer.

–          The time to respond to the business enquiry should be prompt. Failure to get back with an answer shows bad business habits and unreliability.

–          If there are communication difficulties during the sales process, they are likely to get worse after the project starts.

All in all, a successful web development company is one that does not neglect any step along the way, offering professional expertise for the full project.