Improving Conversion Rate

Improving Conversion Rate on Your Business Website in 2015

How to Improve the Conversion on Your Business Website in 2015

For a business website especially ecommerce site, revenue is generated when there are conversions induced on their site. The website development experts need to design to the website in such way that it must provide better browsing experience for the user. The experts need to adopt latest techniques and utilize newest tools to make their site fast loading, fresh, easy-to-read and informative content, comfortable viewing, easy navigation and many more.

Web developers and online marketers each year find themselves trying to contribute more but not as expected. With mobile technologies advancing, web analytics entering a decade of being standardized, and customization technologies enjoying more adoption, these experts have never required learning more and doing more just to keep up. The starting of a new year seems to be a good time for planning and goal setting as new opportunities and advancements arise constantly. Here is a list of suggestions that can be included in your web development objectives set in 2015.

Improvements in User Experience and Usability

According to eMarketer’s US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2015 report predicts that up to 72.8 percent of mobile phone users will access the web on their smart phones/tablets at least once a month and these days, mobile devices are considered the screen of choice for many consumers. But according to many marketing experts, mobile continues to perform badly when it comes to conversions and most consumers do not see mobile as a conversion device.

With the difficulty of using mobile devices due to their small screen size and persistence of security concerns, most mobile websites and mobile apps suffer from usability related issues that deter consumers from doing any transactions. For instance, some mobile retail websites continue to discourage users from using the site as it prompt users to fill out numerous form fields before they can complete their purchase.

There is a misconception among online marketers that issues regarding mobile user experience will be instantly addressed either by having a responsive web design or building a mobile version of the site. The reality is that they won’t and your responsive or mobile site will only be useful if it is built based on the specific requirements and user behaviors on that channel, which you can learn by checking your mobile analytics data.

Go for Website Redesign if Necessary

Some developers are afraid of making radical changes to their sites as they fear that the new redesigned site may fail to bring more conversion traffic or even perform worse than the original site. According to experts, most of the time, the failure of a website redesign comes from the poor implementation or lack of conversion-based framework during the website development project. You are not going to make quantum leaps past some point if you always perform incremental tests on what you have. Rather than focusing on working out which font, type, spacing converts better or button color, uncover the serious problems that majority of your users encounter by running usability reports.

You can also review your website architecture and a user scenario to see of your website is optimized for the different roles and tasks of your visitors. If your website is performing well and usability tests do not reveal any red flags, doing a full website redesign just because you are bored with the old look is rarely a good idea. However, if there are flaws in your site that are in turn affecting the entire UX, you are likely to make greater advantages with a complete conversion-focused web redesign than just optimizing here and there.

Investing in a Team of CRO Experts

One trend that witnessed in 2014 was the recruitment of professionals by bigger companies for filling new and full-time CRO positions in their organization. These companies now have either an entire department or a team of experts responsible for CRO projects. You can imagine that in 2015, going up against an organization with a dedicated team of experts not just for website testing but also for doing usability studies, creating persuasive copy, enhancing UX, customizing content and offers, and many more.

For businesses that are looking for boosting conversions via their website, they need to invest more than just website development and they mentioned suggestions will help them to find the right experts to fulfill their demands successfully.