Web Development Tricks

Seven Web Development Performance Tricks for Web Designers

Whenever a web developer is involved in the process of web designing, the only thing in the mind should be “How to design a website which is different, unique and out stands other websites”. Responsive web design must be the aim of experienced web designers as this is the only trick to increase traffic over their websites. Here are some of the basic tips to improve the performance of the website:

  • Size of the web page exceeding the screen size : The web designer must ensure that the website must be platform-independent. It must be easily accessible for the mobile users as most of them avail internet facilities from phones. Optimization of the website is an equally important task for improving user experience. It is always advisable to predetermine the size of the web pages and add contents or pages which would fit the budget size.
  • Use software and apps which would re-size the pictures : Images and videos increase the traffic of your website, but there lies a major problem. The time taken for loading and displaying images is too slow. Viewers always prefer high resolution images with excellent quality and clarity. It is best advisable to use services like Adaptive images which would detect and re-size the web pages according to the screen size.
  • Compression of the web pages : How could you increase the efficiency of web servers? By enabling compression of the web pages which helps in reduction of the bytes. The technical scripting languages like JavaScript lines must be minimized to avoid unnecessary breaks and white spaces.
  • Use “sprites” : How about the idea of combining images into one so as to decrease the page size? Well, we can enable this technique by enabling “sprite “into your web pages. This also is a mechanism to reduce the number of HTTP requests.
  • Always monitor user’s reaction on your website : Check whether a user is actually interested in your website or not? And if possible, remove any extra elements which are not frequently searched on your website and which compromises the page size.
  • Choose a high performance dedicated server : Hosting packages may offer many benefits and reduction in cost prices but don’t fall victims to such promising offers. Always research for the cheap and high performance dedicated servers. Bandwidth of the normal hosting control panel has to be considered.
  • Employ content delivery network : For static contents, it is advisable to deploy content delivery network which duplicates content among them.