Web Development Trends

The Recent Trends in Web Development

Websites are the gateways through which business interacts with the public virtually. So it is not only important to design attractive and stylish website but develop a functional design with appropriate framework. The techniques and methodologies for website development are many which include the following:


  • It is an open source framework with a highly effective CMS for creating attractive websites.
  • Customization options are available in the framework which exposes the web developer’s skill. Performance of such websites is enhanced with plug-in features available for web development.
  • Joomla websites are high ranking websites in the search engine page results which increases the traffic toward your site and thus, such websites are SEO friendly.
  • Joomla websites are easy to update and modify even for people having low technical knowledge. Because of this feature, current data can be modified and edited without technical support.
  • Can design user-friendly websites with Joomla framework.


  • Based on MySql and Php,WordPress acts as a blogging tool as well as content management system.
  • The recently developed Custom WordPress development enables the developer to customize the website. Themes and templates can be developed on your own which exhibits user innovative skills.
  • Uploading procedure is easy with the help of online guides or forum.
  • Accessible and affordable tool. Multiple access option is also provided.
  • Safe tool compared to others
  • Increases traffic to your website. Load-balancing facility is also available.
  • Best framework for managing and loading contents and advanced graphics can be applied to increase the attractiveness of the site.


  • Php is an open source scripting language which is cost-effective and better compared to other scripting languages.
  • Incredible speed provides greater accessibility to the websites.
  • Coding of PHP is easier as the syntax is easy to learn.
  • Maintenance cost is less compared to other programming languages.
  • Multiple interfaces is supported which helps in easier development of web application.
  • Time and cost-effective plan
  • The services provided include Custom PHP development, corporate website development, Open source solutions etc.

HTML 5 web development

  • Open source platform which can be used in multiple browsers.
  • Plug-ins like Flash, JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight can be created by HTML5.
  • HTML5 is widely used in mobile development applications.
  • Interactive websites can be created with more features like animation, graphics etc.
  • Flexibility of HTML5 applications is high.