Website Visibility

Top 5 Must Know Methods for Website Visibility in Search Engines

Every owner of website need to make their website visible in search engines but this task can be done easily. For that 5 best methods are there for making sure our website will be visible to major search engines.

  • Navigation– Having a proper navigation on our website is very crucial for both our search engine spiders and visitors. Navigation is basically our website linking structure. Most of the websites must have set of plain text links as navigation at every pages bottom side usually. To each and every page of our websites include this text links regardless whether we use image map, DHTML, java script or other type of linking structures in our web pages.
  • Accessibility– Accessibility by definition means that availability of our website to the search engine spiders and visitors. First of all need to ensure, we have a reliable hosting. If our website is slow or down when the spiders of search visits it, and get indexed chances are lessen thoroughly. In terms of accessibility make sure that we are having robot.txt. file available in our search engines and allows it crawl around our website pages we want to index.
  • Friendliness-It means that our websites must be friendly to the spiders of search engines and offer them with enough information’s to properly rank and index our websites for our desired phrases of keywords. This actually includes proper meta-tags integration like meta copyright tag, meta description and keywords tag and our keywords integration in file names, page title and ALT image in HTML code. It’s very essential to include our keyword phrases with enough density and frequency in our web pages text contents.
  • Sitemaps– Include our website sitemaps for helping our spiders search engine crawling our website pages without then having to link via pages embedded links. Proper sitemaps includes our websites all pages links clearly marked with what webpages is all about. Some of the people include even each webpages description as well. For Google, sitemaps is very important. Recently Google have introduced free service where we could submit and create our sitemaps directly to facilitate our web pages crawling and indexing.
  • Linking-Once our websites are accessible, friendly and ready to our search engines we have to let our search engines know about it. One of the best methods is to let search engines knows that our websites are ready for the visitors to start link building.