Wordpress Plugins

Top WordPress Plug-In’s To Enhance the Visibility of Your Site

What does the term “WordPress plug-in” mean? They are add-ons that act as powerful marketing tools for enhancing the popularity of your website. The Word Press site which is also a content management system (CMS) ensures that users are able to fully optimize their content with the help of the add-ons and increase the visibility of their site. Both free and premium plug-ins are available in the site for download. The top five WordPress plug-ins available are:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO which helps in increasing the website ranking is implemented in the site for technical optimization. With the help of a preview of what actually will be depicted when the online visitor searches for your website, the WordPress site is polishing all its technical aspects. By this technique, you will able to provide apt meta-descriptions and find out the “SEO technical errors” like long or short titles. Page analysis method ensures that the images, headings and sub-headings, meta-descriptions of the website content all contain the “focusing keyword”. On the whole the client site would be transformed as the most favorite ones for the search engine crawlers.

  • Google XML Sitemaps generator

XML sitemaps or simply sitemaps act as “message-passing methods” to tell Google the important pages or URL’s which otherwise may not be identified by the search engine. They become handy particularly when your website is a new one with very few links or un-ordered links or it may have dynamic content. Sitemaps are generally used to index out your site’s structure and to crawl through the contents like videos, images, Newsfeed etc.For example, an image subject matter, content and type would be entered into the database of the sitemap entry. These are periodically updated as the crawlers are in search of sites which appear as “fresh and new”.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

For desktop and mobile performance, the above tool is necessary. It calculates the page ranking of your website with the available content. According to the Page Speed Score, priority areas are identified and it helps to increase the focus on those areas by the website ranker analyst.

  • Metro Style Social Icons

Social media is an inevitable feature which cannot be excluded from any website. Plug-ins like Facebook, Twitter, Google, RSS feed are available as customizable icons in the sidebars of your website. As all are personalized icons, these can be removed to retain the website beauty.

  • All in One WordPress security plug-in

Security practices and techniques must be implemented in your website to ensure the safety feature. This plug-in helps in removing all the vulnerabilities and acts as a firewall to protect the important files and prevent illegal activities like hacking.