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Google Go overriding Dart, with GopherJS! A Drastic Redefine of Javascript Web Development.

Google always makes the world wonder, in every now and then either with some latest technologies or with some incomparable achievements. Before a few days, it was believed that the most famous and widely used open source web development programming language developed by the Google, the ‘Google Dart’ will not have an equal replacement for at least some years. But now, as always Google has shattered all pre-conceptions and are on the way to establish an updated stable release of their once widely used web development programming language, the Google GO. The new update of GO is expected to redefine javascript based web development completely. The world is now impatiently waiting for latest revolutions in the web development field, by the internet giant.

Google Dart and the issues involved

Nevertheless Dart was a great programming language, it did not prove up to the mark, at least in some necessary areas. For example:

  • Inheritance problem: a single inheritance, abstract interface is used here., which makes Dart very much unique with conventional programming languages.
  • Comparatively weak typing designs: the typing design of Dart language is either weak or less user friendly.
  • Boolean operation failures: fails to produce optimized results for Boolean operations, which is a major flaw.
  • Type conversion exceptions: many errors and exceptions are encountered with the type conversion operations carried out with Dart language.
  • Heavy thread model and less security features: thread model of the Dart is comparatively very high and it also offers lesser security, which is not merely recommended in the web world scenario.

When we consider all these, we could clearly assert that, Google Dart has not pretty much improved from web designing concepts over the last 10 years. Hence, it is sure that, that it will not anyhow become a next generation programming language, although it stands to be the best till a competitive rival arises.

The all new Google GO with GOpherJS, a sure bet to the Dart

Being an early web development programming language developed in early 200s, GO possessed many flaws, both in the front end and at the back end. But, the latest compiler update in the form of GOPherJS, makes it much more compatible with existing JavaScipt libraries and, small codes. The concept of Goroutines proves to be much useful in establishing concurrency for the JSS codes than any previous one.

With GOpherJS, the Google GO runs in all compatible web browsers, perfectly. We could completely recompile the complete javascript code, without altering a single line of it. This makes the new updated Go language, the web designer favorite.

It is true that, Google keeps on upgrading their functionalities and making new cognizant ways in each and every possible sector. Hence, Google GO with GOpherJS compiler is not any last word for web development programming languages. It may sometimes mark the end of current favorite Dart language, but will surely get override when Google releases yet another one of the same kind, with more advanced features. For the time being, its Google GO which gets applauded everywhere in the web world.