UX and SEO

UX Designers and SEO Exports can Team Up for Improving Web Development

UX Designers and SEO Experts can Jointly Form a Good Web Development Team

For the last several years, SEO has witnessed an increased surge of popularity and whether you are an SEO by profession, a web designer, or a technical architect, you know that SEO plays a crucial role in the functioning of a website. While user experience (UX) design is considered as an essential component of a website, many web development teams still approach SEO experts as a reflection tacked on at the end of a project. Or worse, they merely make sure a website isn’t doing anything deliberately wrong, toss a few title tags and descriptions on key content pages, and call it a day. Read more

Improving Conversion Rate

Improving Conversion Rate on Your Business Website in 2015

How to Improve the Conversion on Your Business Website in 2015

For a business website especially ecommerce site, revenue is generated when there are conversions induced on their site. The website development experts need to design to the website in such way that it must provide better browsing experience for the user. The experts need to adopt latest techniques and utilize newest tools to make their site fast loading, fresh, easy-to-read and informative content, comfortable viewing, easy navigation and many more. Read more

User Experience

How to Enhance the User Experience with Your Website

Know the User Requirements before Optimizing Your Website

Not many businesses know that user experience in their website is accomplished only when the user is able to fulfill his/her goals for their website. If you want to make your customers’ goals more achievable with your site, then you need to get to know your customers. The more you learn about your users and their objectives, the easier it will be to make the necessary changes to your site in order support their needs. A requirement explains what your product is supposed to do or characteristics of your product. The requirements you collected from your potential customers must be useful not obscure and they should be clear and unambiguous as possible. Read more

Mobile Friendly Website

Google Encourages Webmasters to make their Sites Mobile-friendly

Google Want Websites in its Search Results to be Mobile Friendly

A Few days ago, Google announced through its Webmaster blog site that the company is officially going live with the mobile friendly label in its search results. Google is showing new efforts to encourage webmasters to make sure that their websites are compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As you know with the ever growing popularity of mobile devices, the web development industry is now focusing on developing responsive websites that are compatible with both desktop PCs and mobile devices at the same time. Google’s mobile friendly label means that your website will be labeled as “mobile friendly” below your site link in the Google search results. Read more