UX and SEO

UX Designers and SEO Exports can Team Up for Improving Web Development

UX Designers and SEO Experts can Jointly Form a Good Web Development Team

For the last several years, SEO has witnessed an increased surge of popularity and whether you are an SEO by profession, a web designer, or a technical architect, you know that SEO plays a crucial role in the functioning of a website. While user experience (UX) design is considered as an essential component of a website, many web development teams still approach SEO experts as a reflection tacked on at the end of a project. Or worse, they merely make sure a website isn’t doing anything deliberately wrong, toss a few title tags and descriptions on key content pages, and call it a day.

Optimizing a website for search through a holistic approach to SEO is important for a web development project to reach its full potential. Search optimizers will have a better chance at been included in these development projects as a consideration rather than a second thought if we can find the right ways to team up with your UX designers and share the objectives of your campaign.

Use the Friction between UX and SEO Teams in a Positive Way

First, let’s recognize that many marketers and UX designers see themselves on conflicting sides of the conversion barrier, and a user’s requirement needs to be balanced against business objectives. It is inevitable that friction which occurs between the two groups, but a healthy teamwork can turn this friction into a positive way which in turn helps in improving web development. According to industry experts, SEO and online marketing are increasingly dependent on good UX, so it has become important to build an atmosphere of collaboration before you even begin the web development.

Establishing Collective Goals and Improved Decision Making

UX and SEO teams must have a common understanding of a website’s objective before suggesting ideas for design, content, or marketing tactics. Different perspective on those objectives can produce powerful results if both teams are willing to work together. Create user and consumer personas together for a business to help guide your decision-making throughout a project. If you ever find your SEO team at with your UX department, refer back to the user or buyer role that your idea supports. From keyword research to user flows, decisions should not be made based on a notion, but rather you utilize industry research, your combined expertise, and user feedback to make decisions that will improve your site. Agree to ask ourselves questions about goal achieving, pleasing the user, sales conversions and the impact of design content aspect of user’s decision making.

Don’t Write Content without Design in Mind

You should not write content without design in mind and design should never formulate the messaging of your content in a vacuum. You need to come up with the best method for developing content for a web project, and you need to agree on website architecture, which all pages need to be reworked or created, a rough length for content, and the types of design parameter that should be used. A combined UX and SEO effort to determine the content structure can avoid project delays, but most importantly, it will make for a better user experience. Only quality content can convert your website visitors the way you need them to. Also, a well-written content without the support of UX design aspects and proper use of white space will be unnoticed on your site. Furthermore, a quality UX design with low quality content will prevent users from trusting the message a brand is trying to deliver.

The design aspect is not just for human website visitors, but it is also for search engines as they evaluate your site’s design in terms of performance indicators such as page load times, low bounce rates, user-friendliness and your authorship. When it comes to Google, its Googlebot can determine whether your site is completely mobile compatibility, JavaScript, analyzes text size, loading speed, and many more.

A positive impact on the final outcome of your web project happens when there is improved collaboration between your SEO and UX design departments. So, next time you build a website, make sure you incorporate ideas from your SEO and UX experts so that the final result will be up to your expectations.